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WhatsApp’s latest feature is more compatible Samsung phones than iPhones

Since we have known these platforms, Instagram, and WhatsApp, we have been complaining over these ruining the quality of our media files (photos and videos). We tend to capture pictures from these apps when in a hurry and they will almost ruin the quality of your perfect shots. However, WhatsApp is all set to take a step forward over resolving these complaints.

WhatsApp’s HD image capability to support up to 11MP images on Android devices

Users of WhatsApp will soon be able to choose a better resolution when sending photographs. The HD option at the top of the image raises the resolution to 4,096 x 2,692 (11MP) as opposed to the regular quality’s 1,600 x 1,052 pixels resolution (1.6MP), and this feature is present in WhatsApp beta version ( That resolution surpasses the 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) found on high-end displays, laptops, and TVs.

Sending photographs will now need more time and bandwidth thanks to this functionality, but at least consumers have the choice to transmit high-quality images. We can only hope that WhatsApp will have a comparable better resolution setting for videos. iPhones will soon have a comparable function as well. However, picking the HD option selects the 9.1MP resolution (4,032 x 2,268). Compared to Android’s 11MP resolution for higher-quality photographs, this resolution is marginally lower.

Since the functionality is now accessible to people who have WhatsApp’s beta version, it may soon be made available in a stable version for everyone to download. Within the next two weeks, this new function is anticipated to go active.

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