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drag-and-drop for your search results is being tested by Google

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Generative AI has almost spread it wings to all platforms. Google is also one of them. SGE, or Search Generative Experience, just entered public preview as part of the company’s efforts to integrate the technology into Search as part of Search Labs. Meanwhile, a dedicated finance widget that displays data on stock prices, indexes, and other pertinent information has recently been added to the Google app for Android. A new drag-and-drop search experience is now being tested by the firm within the app, allowing users to move a search result (a link, text, or image) to the top of the screen.

This latest visual element is currently under development and right now it isn’t available for everyone. As per information via video posted on Twitter by @theoj22, that is declared as an unofficial news source of Google. This information about this feature being spotted on Google app was mentioned without any specification of version of app.

When you long-press a link, passage of text, or image, it looks that the Drop here to start search box displays, asking users to drop the result nearby. Although we are not convinced of its utility for URLs, it should be beneficial for photos or text that you need to investigate more, particularly considering the thorough connection with Google Lens.

It appears that the feature is not yet entirely operational. While photographs can be entered into the search field, according to Android expert Mishaal Rahman, doing so only opens Google Lens in an attempt and ends there. Although it’s unknown when this function will be available to all users, given that it currently seems underdeveloped, we’re not very hopeful. Although this is probably a server-side modification, you can manually update the Google app on your Android smartphone or check for updates via APKMirror.

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