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WhatsApp’s latest Unicode 15.0 emoji is under beta testers

We have been using WhatsApp for a long time and it is one of the best chatting apps among social platforms. Meta is making constant improvements to its platform. As many of these features were an immense success, WhatsApp is all set to release its latest feature. This latest feature will allow the latest emojis to pop up in WhatsApp beta version This feature was announced last December.

Unicode 15.0 under beta testers

However, the visibility may vary from person to person. According to WABetaInfo, some testers using the previous beta are able to see the new emoji. Users should have easy access to the new emoji via the WhatsApp keyboard if it is accessible. The Unicode 15.0 containing 21 latest emojis, the specifications about that were revealed in September.

With the introduction of the latest emoji, users will no longer need to utilize different keyboards to accomplish the same thing. The cluster is still only accessible to those who have downloaded the app’s beta version, but its release on the stable channel shouldn’t be too far off. If you participate in WhatsApp’s Google Play Beta Program, there’s a good chance that the 21 latest emojis are already in your keyboard.

By making sure they have designs for Unicode symbols when needed, operating system maintainers are supposed to support them. Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp are just a few of the apps that create their own Unicode-compliant emoji to ensure that their users may communicate with one another using new symbols whenever software upgrades introduce them. A new emoji that emerges for one device on one app may not display on another device using the same app because the apps and OSs all update at various times, and therefore there will inevitably be a gap where some phones support the new symbols before the apps do. Unfortunately, this is how things work in a software market economy. We are also hoping for a minor Unicode 15.1 update to be launched this year.

Another intriguing feature coming soon to WhatsApp is self-destructing group chats. As the name implies, it will work like other self-destructive features. This feature will expire out the groups and is accessible from group settings. This feature is applicable to whole group chats.

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