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WhatsApp will soon offer self-destructing group chats

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When it comes to the features of messaging apps, WhatsApp is way behind other messaging apps like Telegram. However, still WhatsApp is one of the most preferred instant messaging apps that could be found on nearly every user’s device. Just a few days ago, it was brought to light that the company is going to introduce a feature that will permit users to mute spam calls on Android smartphones. Some new reports suggest that WhatsApp is going to introduce another feature.

WhatsApp is going to introduce self-destructive groups. As per the information from WABetaInfor, the feature is tested for the iOS version of the app. Presently, the app offers the self-destruction option for status updates, view-once messages, and disappearing messages. The latest update will enable the users to create a group with a pre-defined expiration date. Such a feature will eventually save some storage space for users.

Well, it is unclear how exactly this feature will work. Given the latest feature, users will choose a specified expiry date. After the expiry date, the group will be deleted on its own. Users can select a day, a week, and a custom date range in the pre-defined timeline option. Besides this, the users will be presented with an option that will enable them to remove the predefined expiration date.

Currently, the feature is being tested for the iOS version, so it is clear that it will soon be introduced for the Android version as well. Of course, the upcoming feature will be beneficial for a lot of users like event organizers, group travelers, and medical consultants.

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