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When docked, the Pixel Tablet enters a ‘Hub Mode’

Google is all set to introduce the Pixel Tablet and the new generation of its Pixel phones. The devices are expected to arrive before the end of 2023. Several rumors and leaks have shown the details about the upcoming Android tablet. Besides this, the device’s design was spotted at the Google I/O 2022 and Facebook Marketplace.

Now some fresh pieces of information suggest that the upcoming Pixel Tablet will be provided with a Hub Mode. The Hub Mode has the capacity to turn the device into a Google Nest Hub. Some time ago, a few images of a speaker dock were spotted online. The accessor was named a “Google Pixel Tablet Stand.” It can even serve the purpose of a charging station for the tablet. But the most interesting part about this dock is its “Hub Mode.” The Hub Mode turns on as soon as the device is placed on the dock.

Hub Mode converts Pixel Tablet into a smart display

Back in October 2022, some reports indicated that the Pixel tablet could turn into a smart display. In addition to this, some other reports indicate that Google is working on two docks for the Pixel Tablet. One of the two docks has the capacity to charge the device and serve as a speaker specifically when it is not utilized in the Hub Mode. Thus, the dock is quite useful even when not paired with the device.

Well, it seems like that Google intends to design an all-in-one device. Since the addition of Hub Mode to the Pixel Tablet, Nest Hub devices could be dropped. Furthermore, some reports indicated that the upcoming Android tablet could have a pro version. These reports suggest that the pro version could feature a Tensor G2 chipset. Additionally, it will present the tablet and smart display functions at the same time.

A Pixel-branded tablet is long awaited by Pixel fans. Based on the current reports and leaks, we can anticipate that the Pixel Tablet would arrive with some high-end features. we can anticipate that the tablet goes live on Google I/O 2023 in May.

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