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When Xbox Series S Will Be Launched? Probably In August

Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S, also known as Lockhart, may well be announced sooner than expected. According to new leaks, the low-cost version of the Xbox Series X will be revealed by Microsoft in August at its monthly event.

In recent weeks, speculation and information are multiplying around the mysterious low-cost version of the Xbox X Series. It was announced in late May that the Xbox Series was not abandoned by Microsoft. Video game developers were working on adapting their next-gen games. A little over two weeks ago, it was also revealed that Microsoft had registered the “Xbox Series” mark, which foreshadowed the release of the Xbox Series S for this year. In the end, it could be officially revealed in August.

Microsoft to showcase console at Xbox 20/20 event

This leak comes from Eurogamer who explains that the console should have been announced during E3 2020. The largest video game show having been canceled due to the corona crisis, the announcement was postponed until June. Eurogamer uses the information gathered by VentureBeat that the announcement of the Xbox Series S is finally scheduled for August.

All the information points to the official revelation of the Lockhart console in a few weeks on the occasion of the Xbox 20/20 event. Besides, Microsoft has not even confirmed its existence, despite all that circulates on the web in recent times.

The Xbox Series S, a cheaper and less powerful version of the Xbox Series X

What should we expect? The Xbox Series S should follow suit with the PS5 Digital Edition and its lack of Blu-Ray player. Microsoft’s low-cost console would thus be a console completely turned towards digital. However, it will not be as efficient as its big sister. Instead of the 12 Tflops in Series X, it would only have 4 Tflops. 

Its usable RAM would also be less than 13.5 GB next-gen with only 7.5 GB. While these technical differences seem significant, the Xbox Series S will be perfectly capable of running all next-gen games. It will just not display them in 4K but in 1080p. The Xbox Series S is primarily aimed at players who want access to next-gen games at a reduced price.

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