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Why Xiaomi’s E-Reader Could Be The Next Big Hit In Asia

Xiaomi E-book reader

Xiaomi has been under the spotlight for teasing its sub-brand Mijia’s new product which seems the Amazon Kindle clone, the E-book reader is all set to take on Amazon’s Kindle.

According to the details, Xiaomi is all set to launch its new E-book reader under a crowdfunded project on November 20. Despite being the competitive market Xiaomi’s is ready to take on. The E-book reader market is highly competitive in the United States and Europe with Amazon’s Kindle being at the top, after Amazon, Kobo is the next big player in the market followed by Barnes & Noble according to PC Mag.

Why Xiaomi Takes The Chance?

The rule is simple “Grab The Market Which Is Left Unattended” This is the only reason for Xiaomi to be successful in the markets where there is still a gap. Similar to Xiaomi’s wearable market approach, according to the IDC report in 2018, Xiaomi topped wearable market growth with 21.5 percent market share during the third quarter of 2018 beating Apple and FitBit.

Xiaomi Launches Mi Note 10 in Europe

Within a very short span of time, Xiaomi was able to take its place in the wearable market focusing on the markets that were overlooked by the big brands.

The same applies here if Xiaomi takes this project seriously and keeps improving the product according to the needs and wants of local markets, it could play a significant role in the Asian market. Focusing on local publishers of each country, transforming books into E-books, local language books and platform integration are the things that Xiaomi needs to do for the success of this product. However, it is not clear how Xiaomi is going to take this product in the future.

It would be interesting to see how the Chinese manufacturer would take this product, and would it be able to enter the western market after a few years of launch?    

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