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Windows 10 22H2: Microsoft confirms “limited functionality”

Microsoft has caused a lot of confusion by launching the new Windows 10 22H2 feature update in the Release Preview channel. Other than the release notice, there was no information about the changes. Now the development team has done more.

Microsoft has one for its Addendum in the Windows Blog written, which should provide more clarity in terms of version changes. This was discovered by the online magazine Thurrot, among others. Basically, Microsoft has now confirmed that the build of Windows 10 version 22H2 in the Release Preview channel is just a maintenance update. In this case, a maintenance update means that the build does not bring any specific changes. But that should follow very well. This insider test is currently limited to the update process itself, ie to the operating system update delivery routine.

The Windows blog reported accordingly:

“This build focuses on validating service technology. Windows 10, version 22H2 has a number of features and Microsoft will release more details about this update later this year.”

“Update later this year”

It remains unclear why Microsoft did not publish this information in the Release Preview channel right at the beginning. At least you would have saved yourself a lot of speculation about the early start and the possible changes. The newly added addition now blurs hopes that Windows 10 users can expect the 22H2 update soon. “Later this year” will likely mean Microsoft sticking to the traditional fall release.

There are also a limited number of new functions. So maybe – as many experts have long suspected – there will be just a minor maintenance update in the fall that will bring little or no new features.

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