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Windows 10 Microsoft Defender Critical Vulnerability Now Fixed

A few days ago, as part of the first patch day of the new year, Microsoft fixed some of the security holes found in Windows 10. Apparently, this included a critical vulnerability in the Defender security tool, which could be used to execute malware.

Although Microsoft Defender was actually developed to detect malicious code, the exploit can ensure that malware is started on the user’s PC as soon as a compromised file is scanned. The vulnerability is a remote code execution vulnerability, known as CVE-2021-1647, according to Graham Cluley, Microsoft closed the gap on the last patch day.

Since the vulnerability can lead to an attacker taking over a computer completely, the Redmond-based company strongly recommend that users install the latest updates. To do this, users should ensure that the update function of Windows 10 works correctly.

Users should check the version

The serious security vulnerability was fixed with the update to version 1.1.17700.4. Therefore, users should definitely check whether the respective version or a newer build of Defender is running on their computer. You can do this in the “Windows Security” area of ​​the operating system settings.

On the last patch day, Microsoft not only closed the critical vulnerability in Defender. In addition, serious gaps in other programs such as Edge and the HEVC Video Extensions have been fixed. Many of the threats involved zero-day exploits that have been found in the Redmond operating system for some time and have remained undetected for a long time. Some loopholes are also said to have been actively exploited..

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