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Windows 10 Touch Keyboard Integrated With New Themes And Functions

Touch Keyboard

Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is equipped with an integrated touch keyboard as standard. The tool already has a light and a dark theme and functions such as auto-completion. An update should bring further features with it.

According to a report from Windows Latest, Microsoft wants to give the on-screen keyboard a completely new look. The touch program should have more options for customization in the future. There are currently no themes besides the light and dark design. That should change with the update so that users can customize the touch keyboard. The light and dark themes will still be available.

Soon, users of the touchscreen keyboard will have the option to change the size and scale of the keyboard. You can also choose between different background images and adjust the opacity of the images. In addition, an accent color can be specified for the design elements.

A new folder called “touch keyboard” can be found in the current preview builds. The directory contains eight different backgrounds, four of which belong to the light and four to the dark themes.

Sun Valley interface

The improvements are to be built into the operating system as part of the “Sun Valley” interface. The update replaces the icons from the Windows 95 era and brings numerous design adjustments with it. The new user interface will be gradually integrated into the operating system and, above all, will be delivered with the update to Windows 10 21H2. The function update should see the light of day this autumn.