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Microsoft Teams Added New Features And Improved Screen Sharing

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is giving its popular communication tool Teams new functions for sharing screen content. The simplified “screen sharing” in video conferences is to be rolled out immediately for Windows 10 and macOS and serve as a simple one-click solution.

The Redmond-based company is noticeably increasing the speed with which new Microsoft Teams features are being implemented. While an Office 365 roadmap last week only reveals new features for inviting external users into teams’ group chats, the new “In-Meeting Share” interface is now to be rolled out to all customers. A first preview of the new screen sharing view was presented in January and has been tested with selected users since April.

Sharing monitors, windows, and presentations

With the help of a new share button, participants in a meeting can not only share their screen with other users in the classic way but also explicitly limit screen sharing to selected programs. This means that the entire monitor, including the desktop and the like, is not shared in telephone and video conferences, but only a specific Excel file, a separate browser window, or a PowerPoint presentation, if desired. The latter should also be integrated into Microsoft Teams in a timely manner using the PowerPoint Live function.

In addition to the Screen, Window, and PowerPoint Live options, Teams users have the option of transmitting the computer sound to participants or suppressing them. Microsoft whiteboards can also be shared for collaboration. As reported by Windows Latest, among others, the improved and, above all, simpler screen sharing is now being rolled out for the Teams apps under Windows 10 and Apple macOS. Technically, various latency problems could arise at the beginning, which Microsoft is supposed to be working on.

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