Windows 10 Your Phone App Can Transfer Up To 100 Files size of 512MB

Windows 10 “Your Phone” (Your Phone) application can establish a connection between a PC and an Android 7 or later smartphone and an iPhone. Microsoft has been developing for a long time and is gradually adding new features. Your phone now has another useful new feature that can help you connect Windows 10 PCs and Android smartphones more closely.

Your mobile app will eventually allow you to drag and drop files from your PC to your smartphone, and vice versa. For Microsoft, file drag and drop support the transfer of all files, but it is not possible to transfer folders.

You can transfer up to 100 files, and the size of a single file must not exceed 512MB. Microsoft said that Samsung phones and PCs must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Currently, this feature is only available for Samsung S20/ S20 Ultra and some other mobile phones. To transfer files, you need to open the “Your Phone” application on your PC and then use Samsung Galaxy or the “File” application to transfer files.

Drag files from Samsung My Files application:

  • Open the “Phone screen” (screen mirroring) in the “Your phone” application.
  • Navigate to the folder in “My Files”.
  • Press and hold the file, and then drag it to the desired location on the PC.

Drag files from the Samsung Gallery album app:

  • Open the “Phone screen” in the “Your phone” app and navigate to “Album”.
  • Choose your album.
  • Long press and drag the photo to the desired location on the PC.

You can also drag files from the PC to the Samsung phone in a similar way.

Microsoft said that after the transfer is successful, you will receive a notification on your phone. You can also navigate to the internal storage> download folder to find the transferred files.

Duplicate files will also be transferred and stored on the phone, with a digital mark in the file name. The drag-and-drop feature is being rolled out to some testers and will soon be rolled out to all Windows 10 PC users.