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Windows 11: Android apps, new taskbar, and more launch in February

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Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a public preview of Android app integration into Windows 11 as early as February. Improvements to the taskbar will also be launched, as well as the redesigned Notepad and Media Player apps. It was recently announced that the next major Windows 11 update is nearing “Function Complete” status (we reported).

According to Word, Microsoft is working internally on a number of improvements to the taskbar that will soon enter the public metaphase. Microsoft is now confirming these rumors: As part of the announcement of Microsoft’s quarterly results, Windows boss Panos Panay wrote in a blog post titled “A new PC era” gave insight into the development of Windows 11. Above all, Panay reveals what the company is planning in the near future.

panay said:

“Next month, we’ll be bringing new experiences to Windows, including a public preview of using Android apps on Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store and our partnerships with Amazon and Intel, improvements to the taskbar with muting and muting calls, easier sharing of windows and the inclusion of the weather in the taskbar and the introduction of two new redesigned apps, Notepad and Media Player.”

The Windows boss not only confirms which improvements will be part of the first major feature update of Windows 11, but also definitively confirms the start of the test for the long-awaited Android app support. He left it open as to whether the Windows team would begin testing in early February. What is expected of the changes is very interesting.

Something missing

Improvements to the taskbar include a mute and unmute feature and the ability to display a clock on secondary monitors. Both were missing when Windows 11 was introduced, but were originally announced. This also applies to the drag and drop feature for the taskbar. With the upcoming Windows 11 update in February, the weather widget should return to the taskbar. Also, the redesigned Notepad and Media Player applications will launch, both of which then come with dark mode and design tweaks for Windows 11.


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