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Windows 11 Bug Shows Battery Capacity More Than 100 Percent

Microsoft Windows 11

While most laptop owners will appreciate longer battery life, one user with an overcharged battery has caused concern. A bug causes Windows 11 to display capacities of more than 100 percent. Microsoft is already working on a patch.

Reddit user Zondax posted a screenshot. The picture shows that the operating system considers its battery to be “fully charged” at 103 percent. Later, Windows 11 is said to have even displayed a capacity of 104 percent. Of course, it is not physically possible to charge a battery to more than 100 percent. Modern devices use security mechanisms that protect the battery from overcharging.

So it is not a problem with the battery or the controller responsible for charging, but simply a display error. However, it is a good idea to unplug a device after it is fully charged. The performance of a battery could decrease over time if the capacity remains permanently at 100 percent. It has not yet been clarified why the bug is caused. The comments below the post by Zondax suggest that the problem will also occur with other Windows 11 users.

Microsoft Working On The Problem

So far, Microsoft has not yet commented on the problem in detail. However, a developer has confirmed that the Redmond-based company has been informed of the bug and is currently investigating the bug. The problem should be resolved as soon as possible. However, it is still unclear whether and when a patch will be completed and integrated into the operating system.

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