Windows 11 New Optional Update Is Here To Fix File Explorer Bug

Windows 11

Microsoft has released a new optional update for all Windows 11 users. This is the so-called preview, i.e. the preview for December Patch Day. If you want, you can get the update now.

It is a pure bug fix update with many bug fixes and numerous improvements. The optional update KB5007262 is a so-called preview – Microsoft used to group these updates under the term “C updates”. In this case, Preview has nothing to do with the Windows Insider Program. The testers in the Insider Program received these bug fixes to try out a few days ago. The new version has the build number 22000.348.

Several issues fixed

Microsoft now provides various bug fixes. Among other things, an error was addressed that prevented devices from reacting again from the idle state. Only a few CPUs are affected. Other fixes include search, Hyper-V, incorrect font rendering, and app crashes. This non-security-relevant update contains quality improvements. We have translated the most important changes that Microsoft calls “Highlights” for you. The complete release notes are available in the Knowledge Base.

Overview KB5007262

  • Updates an issue that caused Internet Explorer to stop working when copying and pasting text using the Input Method Editor (IME).
  • Updates an issue where the wrong background for the Simplified IFLY Chinese IME icon is displayed in the notification area.
  • Updated an issue that prevented File Explorer and desktop context menus from appearing. This problem is common when you choose to do a single click to open an item.
  • Improves the animation performance of icons on the system tray.
  • Updates volume control issues affecting Bluetooth audio devices.
  • Updates an issue that causes File Explorer to stop working after closing a File Explorer window.
  • Updated an issue where incorrect subtitle shadows were displayed on some videos.
  • Updates an issue that removes the Serbian (Latin) script Windows from a device.
  • Updates an issue that flickers when pointing at icons on the system tray. this problem occurs when you’ve applied a high contrast design.
  • Updates an issue that, under certain conditions, prevents the keyboard focus rectangle from appearing when using Task View, ALT + TAB, or Snap Assist.
  • Updated an issue that causes Windows Mixed Reality to start when you are using a headset. This problem also occurs if you have disabled the option “Start the Mixed Reality Portal when the presence sensor on my headset detects that I am wearing it”.
  • Updates an issue that may prevent your device from recognizing a printer when connected.
  • Updates an issue that could result in temporary loss of audio on your device.
  • Updates an issue that causes some variable fonts to be displayed incorrectly.
  • Updates an issue where letters or characters are displayed at the wrong angle when using the Meiryo UI font and other vertical fonts. These fonts are widely used in Japan, China, and other countries in Asia.
  • Updates an issue that causes certain apps to stop responding to input. This problem occurs on devices that have a touchpad.
  • Adds an option that allows you to choose whether to use Focus Assist functionality for the first hour of Windows after a feature update.
  • Updates an audio distorted issue affecting Xbox One and Xbox audio peripherals and occurs when you use them with spatial audio.
  • Updates several aspects of Windows Emojis. As part of an iterative and continuous work, the following improvements have been made for this version:
    • Updates all emojis from Segoe UI Emoji font to Fluent 2D emoji style
    • Includes support for Emoji 13.1:
    • Updates the emoji dictionary
    • Provides the ability to search for Emoji 13.1 in all supported languages.
    • Updates the emoji section and more so you can enter emojis into your applications.