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Windows 11 Preview Becomes Available For Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop

Microsoft has released a first preview version for Windows 11 for Azure Virtual Desktop. It is now clear that, despite Windows 365, the group will also provide Windows 11 for its Azure cloud PC offering in the near future

So far there has been very little information on how Microsoft is progressing with development for Windows 11 for the existing Azure Virtual Desktop. There was a lot to suggest that the group is concentrating on Windows 365 and that the virtual machines in the Azure cloud will not start with Windows 11 until next year – but now there is a preview.

Windows 11 preview for Azure Virtual Desktop

With Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft is continuing the full range of Windows Virtual Desktop and is now starting the public test phase for Windows 11. This has been announced by the group and initial insight into the development status of Windows 11 for Azure Virtual Desktop has been published.

Basics of Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop is a cloud VDI platform that enables desktops and applications to run in the cloud. Users have virtually anywhere access to a full Windows experience. So far, Azure Virtual Desktop is available for Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows Server (2012, 2016, and 2019).

The biggest difference between Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop is that with Azure Virtual Desktop companies themselves have even more control over the virtual instance. With Windows 365, everything is managed by Microsoft, this also applies to memory, storage space, networks, and much more.

For Windows 11, Azure Virtual Desktop offers exclusive support for multisession, an important option that helps optimize costs by allowing multiple users to run Windows on a single Azure virtual machine. Support for Trusted Launch is now starting in the preview to enable TPM 2.0 and secure booting as part of the VM configuration. This allows the security functions of Windows 11 to be fully exploited. According to Microsoft, the user experience with Azure Virtual Desktop should be identical to that of a local PC.

Some more sophisticated graphic effects, such as transparencies, animations, and rounded corners, may be restricted. Companies that want to use Windows 11 in the preview of Azure Virtual Desktop can load three possible configurations in the preview via the Azure Marketplace: Windows 11 Enterprise, Windows 11 Enterprise Multi-Session, and Windows 11 Enterprise Multi-Session + Microsoft 365 Apps. It is important that you also have to register for the Windows Insider Program.