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Windows 11 preview comes with ISO package and explorer tabs for everyone

Microsoft releases small updates for Windows 11 on a weekly basis in the Dev channel. Not much news, but improvements for tabs and navigation in File Explorer are starting for all Insiders. There is also an ISO package for a fresh install.

Testing in the development branch of Sun Valley 3

The build is numbered 25179 and belongs to the development branch of Sun Valley 3, ie to Windows 11 version 23H2. This update is expected to launch for all users in the late summer or fall of 2023. However, the content of the preview versions could be released much earlier. For this, Microsoft has been introducing new features and improvements for weeks.

In June, Build 25136 released some improvements for File Explorer. With the new Build 25179, all Insiders can finally try out these changes – this is a good sign for Explorer Tabs, as further fine-tuning now begins. This is also the most important change for this preview.

Explorer tabs and navigation updates

“The title bar of File Explorer now has tabs, making it easier to work in multiple places at once. … File Explorer also introduces a redesigned layout of the left navigation pane, making it easier to navigate to the folders that are important to you.

The updated organization provides easy access to your pinned and frequently used folders (quick access) and your OneDrive cloud profiles added to Windows OneDrive cloud profiles display the username associated with the account Known Windows folders, which are located in the navigation pane are no longer displayed under “This PC” to focus this view on your PC’s drives When you navigate to folders that sync with OneDrive, such as documents, pictures, etc. it’s clear when your folders are in the cloud and when they are on-premises.”

Other innovations concern the spelling dictionary. Microsoft is testing a language-neutral word list there. A Tamil Anjal keyboard is now also available for users who use the Tamil language. In another innovation, Microsoft increased the default duration set by powercfg sleepstudy from 3 to 7 days. This command is used to create a diagnostic report on the power state transition. If you would like to try out the new pre-release version, you can do so with a create a newly released ISO package.

These ISOs are specifically released to registered Windows Insiders to aid in testing and enable a clean install. Currently, only users who have signed up for the Windows Insider program can load the new ISO package. But you can still catch up at any time and register for the Insider Program now. The download package is only available after logging in with a linked Microsoft account.

The new version of the ISOs is based on the preview build 25136. The ISOs are offered as personalized download links for registered Windows Insiders. This downloads website can only be used as a registered Windows Insider, the links generated are valid for 24 hours. You can register for the Windows Insider program at any time with a Microsoft account and a supported device.

The regular Home Previews are now available, as are the Windows 11 Pro and EDU editions. The ISOs are available in different language packs. As usual, more details about the update and known issues can be found in the Windows blog.

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