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A huge bug can corrupt data on PCs built after 2018

Windows 11 is currently the victim of a bug that can corrupt user data. Up for discussion: VAES technology, which speeds up and secures data processing. A technology that can be found on the most recent processors. If a patch already exists, it will slow down PC performance.

Remember, it’s only been a year since many users cried when Microsoft announced the system requirements for its new Windows 11 operating system in 2021. Because each machine must have a relatively recent hardware configuration. Specifically, the PC must be compatible with TPM 2.0, a technology that is widely used now but requires a post-2016 CPU.

This allows older PCs to say goodbye to the new OS and be good for breakage (unless you install a different OS). Why such an obligation? Because the technology in question makes it possible to better protect PC data, Microsoft replied at the time. On the other hand, what the Redmond giant did not foresee is that the very latest encryption and data processing technologies can also cause a lot of problems for Windows 11 users.

Vector Advanced Encryption Standard (VAES), which is also integrated into the most recent processors and aims to increase the speed of data processing while optimizing their encryption. And bad luck, this technology is now a source of trouble for Microsoft, especially since the KB5017259 update for Windows 11.

Windows 11 can corrupt data, update quickly

“Windows computers that support the latest Vector Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) (VAES) instruction set may be prone to data corruption,” Microsoft said. This is enough to worry people who store hundreds of GB on their PC without regularly backing up to the cloud or external media. The good news is that Microsoft has been aware of this bug for several weeks now.

The company has therefore been working on a fix. To take advantage of this, you must either install June 23 preview update (KB5014668)that is July 12 security update (KB5015814). Note in passing that the problem affects Windows 11, but also Windows Server 2022. The download links can be found at the bottom of this article.

Install one of the Windows 11 updates urgently

The bad news is that the update in question is not without effect on PC performance. To fix the Windows 11 bug, Microsoft had no choice but to reduce data processing through VAES technology. This performance reduction concerns machines on which: BitLocker is installed, but also the TLS (Transport Layer Security) accesses, and more generally the transfer speed on the disk (especially for business customers).

Older PCs that would have installed Windows 11 using a temporary method will not be affected. Simply put, all computers released before 2018 will not be affected as they do not have VAES technology. Like what, it can also be good to have an old machine. Install Update KB5015814 July 12, 2022 for Windows 11 Install Preview KB5014668 June 23, 2022, for Windows 11.

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