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With 3D cooling, Huawei releases a new 80W vertical wireless charger

Huawei has announced a new charging accessory. Reportedly, the new wireless charger supplies up to 80W of power. Interestingly, the new accessory is compatible with several products like Huawei phones and a few last generations of iPhones.

The product comes in two colors including the white sand silver and obsidian gray. Because of its twin coil design, customers can place their compatible devices for charging either vertically or horizontally. The charger’s design includes an oval runway-shaped light-sensitive glass panel and a 60° visible elevation. It includes a 3D air-cooling system that will address the heat management issues.

At the base of the charger, 3D air ducts can be found. These ducts help to dispel the heat from the accessory and the phone. It also includes a foreign object detection (FOD) feature that works by detecting the metal objects like coins or keys during charging process. If metal objects are detected, a flashing Led indictor notifies the user.

The new charging accessory is compatible with smartphones like Huawei Mate 60, Mate 50, Mate 40, P60, P50, P40, and P30 series. As far as iPhones are concerned, the product has support for iPhone 13, 14, and 15 series devices. It is also compatible with Huawei MatePad Pro 10.8. Moreover, it can be sued to charge FreeBuds Pro, FreeBuds Pro 2, FreeBuds Pro 2+, FreeBuds Pro 3, FreeBuds 3, FreeBuds 4, and FreeBuds 5.

Currently, there are no details about the price of the new Huawei fast-charging vertical wireless charger (Max 80W). As an example of a potential pricing range, the 50W vertical wireless charger from Huawei is presently offered for 300 yuan. Thus, the new charger ought to cost more than this.

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