With the help of AI, the customer experience on Zoom will be improved


Zoom is considered the largest video call platform on the web. Notably, the company has adopted AI in order to improve its machinations. In accordance with a report shared by Techradar, Zoom is going to update its call center with some AI features. Well, this can contribute to overall improved performance if the company responsibly uses AI. AI can help the company automate time-consuming tasks, thus improving productivity.

Zoom will update its call center and business with AI features

Reportedly, Zoom has introduced the Workforce Engagement Manager. It is a new set of business tools that can be helpful in carrying out several in-house operations. One of the tools is Quality Management. Its general purpose is to improve the interaction between call center agents and customers. It uses AI to analyze conversations between employees and consumers. It is an effective way of keeping an eye on employees. Although it might sound odd, it is still way better to control and manage stuff on the company’s end. It can be regarded as an assistant to the supervisor, thus lowering the workload of the supervisor.

Another tool named Workforce Management is meant for the company and not the users. It will help the company manage the number of workers working in a call center. The program will examine certain historical data points and create schedules for users based on those findings. This is an illustration of how AI is utilized to benefit businesses. We are still awaiting news of the company’s future plans.

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