WordPress Now Offers 100-year Domain Plan


If you want to use a top-level domain (TLD), you have to renew the address every year in most cases. The providers of the WordPress website construction kit are now offering a special tariff that allows a domain to remain registered for a whole century.

Current packages expire after ten years

Normally, when registering the TLD, customers can only select a maximum term of ten years. The domain is then offered to other users or can be renewed. If you no longer want to think about renewal at regular intervals, WordPress.com now has the option of taking out a 100-year tariff.

This means that a website can still be reached for many decades even without active changes. This allows blog articles and related media to be preserved for future generations. The package should be particularly suitable for companies that want to document and share their story.

In addition to registering the domain for 100 years, the new tariff comes with a number of other features. The package includes a managed hosting service for a WordPress site. In addition, several backups in different data centers at different locations as well as unlimited data volume are provided. Customers benefit from dedicated support that is available 24/7.

The package costs $38,000

Although no total is given on WordPress.com, the costs can be calculated over the entire contract period. According to Search Engine Journal, a total of $38,000 is due. Thus, a domain with an annual fee of 380 dollars to book.

The package should only be worthwhile in a few cases. It is often much cheaper to register the domain with another provider for a few euros per year and think about renewing it.

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