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World’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet With In-Built Camera Is Now Available

A smart wallet has been introduced by Volterman that has 512 MB of RAM and a camera in-built which can be used to control theft attempts. This wallet is being considered as the World’s most powerful smart wallet. It was initially thought that the project would raise $45,000, but till now the amount it has raised is surprising, that is $262,666. It is 584% more than amount that was initially set.

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Feature of World’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet:

  • In-built power bank to keep the battery going
  • Wi-Fi hotspot and GPS
  • Anti-theft camera
  • The smart wallet can be connected to the user’s smartphone; an alarm sets off if smartphone or the wallet crosses certain distance
  • Optional leather pad is part of the wallet that can provide consumer with wireless charging option
  • Ensures protection against intrusion from circuit of the wallet
  • Users can use the wallet for placing money and the all-important identification cards

You can order this Smart Wallet through Idiegogo now. Also you might get discount, as Volterman is providing discount offer for those who buy it first. There are three sizes of the wallet that are cardholder, bifold, and travel with prices as $98, $135 and $157. The prices are set as per the size of the wallet.


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