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Xbox Elite Controller 2 Having Technical Problems: Microsoft Confirms

Xbox Elite Controller 2

After problems with the Xbox Elite Controller 2, Microsoft decided to offer an extended warranty. Customers who have problems with their controller can contact support.

This is now reported by The Verge and has also collected some errors that users had with the Xbox Elite Controller 2. Microsoft has confirmed in a support document that there are mechanical problems with the controller.

It states: “We have received reports that a small percentage of our customers experience mechanical problems when using their Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 Controllers. To ensure your satisfaction, we are extending the warranty period for Elite Series 2 controllers from 90 Days to 1 year from the date of purchase. This extension applies retrospectively to previously sold Elite Series 2 controllers. If you have incurred repair costs to maintain your Elite Series 2 controller, you will receive a refund from Microsoft before October 31, 2020. “

Error confirmed By Microsoft

This note about the extension of the warranty period is only relevant for customers in the USA, for EU customers there is no further information on how to deal with a problem controller in the Microsoft support documents. It is important, however, that Microsoft has now indirectly confirmed an error and is offering a solution. Then it has to be improved. Incidentally, the market launch in the EU was not so long ago that the group would have to extend a deadline.

If you have noticed a fault with your Elite 2 controller, you can still complain about the controller as normal. It is also interesting that The Verge writes that users of the controller mainly reported that some buttons no longer responded. Other error descriptions were more about ghost movements of the sticks. It is unknown whether both error descriptions are related to mechanical problems. Are you having problems with the Xbox Elite Controller 2? If so, how are they expressed? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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