PlayStation 5 Players Can Now Monitor Voice Chats Of Other Players

“Voice chats can be recorded for moderation. By participating, you agree to be recorded.” This message awaits many PS4 players who will take part in various group activities in an online multiplayer after yesterday’s console update to software version 8.00. But Sony doesn’t seem to be spying on its customers itself, the players should take over this job themselves. When the next-gen console launches, PlayStation 5 buyers will be able to record voice chats and forward them to Sony for moderation purposes.

Players monitor players: An idea that should lead to discussion

In its latest blog post, the Japanese manufacturer explains: ” Following this update, users will see a notification about party security and that voice chats can be recorded in groups. Voice chats are recorded for moderation a feature that will be available on the PS5 after the launch that will allow users to record voice chats with the PS5 and submit them for review. The pop-up you are currently seeing on the PS4 is to inform you that if you take part in a chat with a PS5 user (after launch), they can send the recordings from their PS5 console to Sony. ”

So far it is unclear whether participants in a voice chat will be warned acoustically before the start of the recording, as is the case, for example, in VoIP programs such as TeamSpeak. If the behavior is reported that violates the Community Code of Conduct, PlayStation Safety will review the reports to determine if the violations are genuine. , so Sony. The consequences that Sony could consider after a correspondingly positive test are also unknown.

Although Sony would like to take action against racism, sexism, hate speech, and Co. in often toxic communities with the introduction of the PlayStation 5 and the “spy feature“, the manufacturer should focus on a discussion on the subject of free expression and a high support effort Prepare to review the recordings.