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Xbox Will Not Launch New Console Any Time Soon

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X/S has been on sale for more than 7 months. With the one-year anniversary of the two-game consoles approaching, Microsoft reiterated that its current game console models will continue to exist and will not update the hardware in the short term. Xbox Director Phil Spencer discussed the Xbox Series X/S hardware roadmap on the IGN show and pointed out that he does not expect any console to be updated in the near future.

Spencer told IGN: “Next year there will be nothing (hardware upgrades) that will make you think you should wait. These are game consoles that we will occupy the market for years to come. We took this into consideration when building them, and I like this The technology and performance used by the two hosts are our focus.

When talking about the current Xbox Series X/S, Spencer said that stronger hardware technology provides game opportunities for the majority of players, and now, a more direct opportunity has also appeared-cloud games: “We want to make a game. A host with stronger hardware technology is because it can create more new opportunities. But as I said before, we may find more direct opportunities in the low-end market-we have to do something to let more people start Use xCloud.”

For the future development of Xbox consoles, Spencer is consistent with the previous caliber, that is, the possibility of continuing to introduce new and higher-performance consoles: “What are we going to do in the high-end hardware gaming market? We are doing this now. Discussion. I like the capabilities of our hardware team and will continue to talk in the future.”

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