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Xiaomi 14 might launch in with a powerful camera sensor

The Xiaomi 13 Pro and Xiaomi 13 Ultra have a camera history with a 1-inch camera sensor. Though the ultra model gained the advantage of variable aperture, But the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is expected to have a powerful camera sensor, as rumors suggest.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra includes the latest camera sensor

According to Digital Chat Station, one of the most well-known Chinese tipsters, it will be the Sony LYT-900 (LYTIA). That is a 50-megapixel camera; it is, of course, an enhanced version of the Sony IMX989 that Xiaomi utilized.

According to some reports, it might be the 50-megapixel OmniVision OV50K camera sensor. The Huawei connection has also been brought up in relation to that camera sensor. We’d venture to predict that Xiaomi will continue to work with Sony. That’s something Xiaomi has been doing for a while, and the Sony primary camera sensor was utilized in all three of the Xiaomi 13 series flagships.

Xiaomi 14 & Xiaomi 14 Pro utilizes ‘Light Hunter 900’

Additionally, Xiaomi confirmed that the “Light Hunter 900” camera sensor is used by both Xiaomi 14 series smartphones. Though there is a literal translation from Chinese, we assume it refers to the same thing because the 900 is in both that name and the LYT-900 camera sensor.

The Xiaomi 14 Pro lacks several of the camera hardware benefits that the “Ultra” model is expected to have. We anticipate that the Xiaomi 14 series phones will experience the same thing as happened with the Xiaomi 13 series.

The OmniVision OV50H, indeed, has the same 1/1.3-inch camera sensor as the “Light Hunter 900.” At the very least, they need to be competing on an even playing field. Along with that, there’ll be a huge role for software.

However, a launch for the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is not anticipated to happen very soon. About six months after the release of its siblings, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra made its debut. The anticipated “Ultra” phone is predicted to launch in Q2 of the following year, or at the latest, at the end of Q1. This is just a hunch, so Xiaomi might still surprise us.