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Xiaomi announces new bootloader unlock policy

Xiaomi 12 Standard

When it comes to products, Xiaomi has a big portfolio ranging from smartphones to tablets to smartwatches. The products fall into different price categories that cater to the wide user base of the company. Such an approach pushed developers to create custom ROMs for Xiaomi devices. However, the company recently introduced some new rules for unlocking the bootloader.
Users can unlock on Tuesday and Thursday each week

The unlocking process for Xiaomi bootloader is quite complex. It has become more sophisticated with company’s recent decisions. In order to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi devices, users must keep their Mi account active for 30 days. Furthermore, annually, users are allowed to unlock the bootloader of three devices. Well, this is quite annoying but this is not all. The company has implemented some other restrictions as well.

Notably, the bootloader unlocking process won’t be automatic. Users will be required to request to unlock the bootloader of their devices. The request will be reviewed by one of the company employees. It will be processed further if the employee finds it reasonable. As part of the new changes, the bootloader unlocking requests will be evaluated every Tuesday and Thursday between 10:00 and 16:00. It means that users will lose the freedom to unlock anytime.

One thing to notice here is that the new policy applies to only Chinese devices. Such policies might be annoying for developers and users. Prior to this, Xiaomi phones could still get system updates if their bootloaders were unlocked. But that’s no longer an option. You won’t be able to get OTA updates if your smartphone is unlocked. Even though you can get updates again by unlocking the bootloader, Xiaomi still appears to like making some things harder.

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