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Xiaomi Launches Its First 1TB External SSD

Xiaomi 1TB SSD

Xiaomi has announced its first in-house external SSD. The company initially wants to bring the “drive” to market via “crowdfunding” before the Xiaomi Mobile 1TB SSD will then go on sale regularly. The manufacturer advertises high data rates.

Xiaomi is now also entering the market for external SSDs and is launching its first model with the Mobile SSD 1TB. The capacity is already clearly revealed by the name and is one terabyte. The connection to the host device is of course made via a USB Type-C connection, although Xiaomi is also clearly marketing its new external 1TB SSD as an accessory for smartphones.

The Xiaomi SSD should therefore be easy to use with Android and iOS devices as well as Windows, Linux, and macOS. Depending on the type of host device, maximum transfer rates of up to 2000 megabytes per second are allegedly achieved, although smartphones of course have to get by with a lower speed.


The transfer rates on the PC should also be lower in most cases, after all, the system must also be able to deliver data to the SSD quickly enough. Xiaomi packages its first external SSD in a “high quality” case, although it is unclear whether metal or plastic is used as the outer material.

The Xiaomi Mobile SSD 1TB will first hit the market in China, where the new model can be purchased today at a price of 650 yuan as part of a “crowdfunding” project. Converted, this corresponds to almost 88 euros and is therefore inexpensive compared to similar products from other manufacturers. After the end of the campaign, which actually works more as a kind of pre-order process, Xiaomi wants to introduce the Mobile SSD 1TB regularly at a price of 799 yuan – the equivalent of around $115.