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Xiaomi may introduce a tablet with an 8-inch screen

Xiaomi marked its entry once again into the tablet market with its Xiaomi Pad 5 series. Since then, the business has introduced a number of models, all of which have expansive displays. They measure almost 11 inches in size. The only exception is the Redmi Pad that features a smaller 10.65-inch panel. There is also a model called the Xiaomi Pad 6 Max 14 that boasts an enormous 14-inch display.

It could perhaps launch a small-screen tablet at this time, nearly three years after it first entered the tablet market again. A number of Xiaomi officials recently made Weibo suggestions to the company’s upcoming 8-inch tablet launch. This is the first time the company has informed us about such a product.

It appears like the device is currently into the development stage. We will get more evidence about this upcoming device from the HyperOS codebase once its firmware builds get completed. The product will receive regulatory approvals as soon as the company clarifies it for the market release. Perhaps we will learn more about it by then.

For time being, we can now assert that the company might be working on a mini tablet. Nothing is clear so we have to wait patiently. In case you missed it, Xiaomi’s previous tablets, with the exception of the Mi Pad 4 Plus, all featured an 8-inch display. Therefore, a small-screen tablet won’t be a completely new offering from Xiaomi.

Few years back, the 8-inch size was considered a standard for tablets that featured huge bezels. However, these tablets now fit into the small or mini category because of their thin bezels. The famous small-screen tablet still on the market is the Apple iPad mini, which is the only model accessible worldwide.

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