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Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra With Snapdragon 8+ Enters Production

Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra

Xiaomi has announced that it will first launch the Snapdragon 8+ chip and will also work with Leica to create a video system that will debut in July next month.

Even before it was officially announced, it is announced that the new phone is the successor to the Android Light, the Mi 12 Ultra.

According to the latest reports from @digitchat, the Mi 12 Ultra is already online and on the production line, which means that the device is ready and the look of the new photos should be very similar.

It is also important to remember that the Mi 12 Ultra was in production a month before its launch, which means that the first offer is probably enough, at least for anyone who wants to buy it.

The front of the Mi 12 Ultra is a continuation of the overall design of the Mi 12 series with a hyperboloid with a hole in the middle. The overall edge control is very good and the edge is a bit thick, which gives it almost the same width on all four sides with a high screen ratio.

In terms of screen quality, the Mi 12 Pro is already equipped with a state-of-the-art OLED LTPO screen with adjustable refresh rate and supports 2K resolution, and a new phone would have to go through this detail, if not higher.

When it comes to rear design, it sounds like a great design prototype. The red Leica logo in the upper left corner is one of the largest elements, and the module is assigned at least three main camera layouts, including a submerged telephoto lens that supports 120x zoom shooting.

A Leica spokesman said: “We are investing our money in new Xiaomi products that have been taking pictures of Leica for more than 100 years.”