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Xiaomi Mix Alpha Foldable Phone Launches

Mix Alpha

Xiaomi has announced its new Xiaomi Mix Alpha foldable phone earlier this morning on September 20th, Xiaomi has also released an official image of the phone while announcing its launch. Earlier this year, the co-founder and President of Xiaomi Lin Bin, presented a double-folding phone which might be the prototype of Mix Alpha.

According to Lin Bin, Xiaomi has been working continuously on flexible screens and has overcome the technical problems the company was facing in flexible screen technology, the company has now fully tested and adapted the flexible screen technology, four-wheel-drive folding shaft technology, MIUI adaptation, and flexible cover technology.

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 The symmetrical double-folding form integrates the experiences of tablet and phone at the same time and it’s perfect and quite practical. It is also reported by some sources that Xiaomi Mix Alpha is not official 5G concept phone of the company which was previously promoted; it may not see mass production either. As Mix Alpha is not a regular product of Mix series so you might expect to release of Mix 4 as a regular product on September 24.

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