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Xiaomi Registers New Patent Design Mix 2020 Exposes Dual Screens

Xiaomi has just launched its premium devices Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro which got incredible appreciation from the users, the company has already received 330,000 preorders for the device, the series is said to be well received by the audience.

Today the company has registered another patent design that shows dual screens, the patent is called “Xiaomi Mix 2020” the design uses dual screens, the front screen has a high screen-to-body ratio while the rear small screen is just underneath the dual camera.

According to the patent design image, Xiaomi will introduce a true full-screen design on the front keeping the bezels as low as possible, however, you cannot see the front camera on the screen which indicates that the rear small screen is designed for selfies most probably with the dual-camera setup.

The secondary screen mainly shows the time and date display which clears the real purpose of the secondary screen, however, if the front camera is missing it must be used to see the face in order to take selfies, that is just a speculation, it is not clear yet how Xiaomi will accommodate selfies in this design.

Xiaomi Mix phones tend to be more inclined towards working with screens, previously Xiaomi launched Mix Alpha foldable phone on the market last year. Earlier Xiaomi launched Mi Mix 3 which incorporated slide screen design. Now Xiaomi Mix 2020 will attract more users with new screen designs, especially those who are not much comfortable with front screen notches.

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