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Xiaomi To Introduce Sky Replacement Feature in Gallery Photos

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The innovation is not the legacy of one or two companies at the top, it has been diversified with the increasing competitions and technological development. We always expect from large companies like Apple, and Samsung to innovate and bring in new technologies but the real innovators start from the ground.

Xiaomi, a few years back was an unknown mystery for most of the people however, the company is well known established global mobile manufacturer based in China, the company has been working intelligently in the market to come up with some innovative technologies, features, and ideas which could set them apart from others.

Xiaomi has been working on a new gallery feature, where the users would be able to change the entire sky of their image without photoshopping it, the Chinese manufacturer will probably launch this feature in its upcoming smartphones in MIUI Gallery App.

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Using this feature, the users would be able to take images with a predominant sky element and replace it later with different presets showing the sky in different scenes. Changing the sky is absolutely perfect as the feature would not only replace the sky but also shed some lighting effects on the actual image and object in order to synchronize it with the rest of the image.

The new photo editing feature is expected to come with Xiaomi devices including Raphael, Davinci, and Pyxis, it is also expected that Xiaomi will roll out this feature to all its upcoming smartphones line.

Let’s have a glimpse of this sky replacement feature in the video below: