Xiaomi’s First Flip-Style Foldable Phone: Expected Launch in 2024

Xiaomi is reportedly set to launch its first flip-style foldable phone in 2024, marking a significant expansion in its foldable phone lineup. Here’s a compilation of the latest information and rumors surrounding this anticipated launch:

Xiaomi’s First Flip-Style Foldable Phone: A 2024 Launch

Development and Release Timeframe: Xiaomi’s Galaxy Z Flip rival has been in development since June, with a potential release timeframe in Q1 2024. This move positions Xiaomi to compete directly with established players in the flip-style foldable market.

Mix Fold Series Expansion: Alongside the flip-style foldable, Xiaomi released the Mix Fold 3, its latest book-style foldable, in August. There are also rumors about the Mix Fold 4, which might be the first Xiaomi foldable to have a global variant.

Global Release Plans: The Mix Fold 4 is speculated to be Xiaomi’s first foldable phone released globally. This global expansion indicates Xiaomi’s confidence in its foldable technology and its commitment to competing on a larger scale.

YouTube Insights: A YouTube video titled “Xiaomi Mix Flip – YES, It is Coming” discusses the design and potential features of the upcoming Xiaomi Mix Flip, providing visual insights into what the device might offer.

Milestone in Foldable Phone Industry: The rumored launch of the Xiaomi Mix Flip in 2024, alongside the global release of the Mix Fold 4, is seen as a significant milestone in the foldable phone industry. Xiaomi’s entry into the flip-style foldable market is expected to bring innovation and competition.

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