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Xiaomi’s Poco C50: The next cheap mobile with a huge battery

It will be the fifth generation of the POCO “C Series” and it has already been shown in the IMEI database, which anticipates a very close presentation (at least in India).

Not long ago the POCO C40 was officially sold in Spain, and yet Xiaomi’s affordable mobile with a gigantic battery already counting the weeks for his successor to make an appearance in India, under the name of LITTLE C50 and surely with identical premises of very cheap price and autonomy above average.

Just as our colleagues from Xiaomiui a few hours ago, this new POCO C50 has already been spotted in the IMEI database demonstrating that indeed it is in the oven and its development is quite advanced, with a presentation surely in India and in all probability dated in time for the important Christmas campaign.

The fifth generation of the POCO C is almost ready. In fact, the POCO C family had been initially presented exclusively for India as the cheapest Xiaomi smartphone series in the entire catalog, opting for measured performance in terms of power and very generous batteries in order to stand out among a sea of ​​options within the emerging market with higher growth expectations.

The POCO C50 reference in the IMEI database. This will be Xiaomi’s next ultra-cheap mobile: the characteristics of the POCO M5 are filtered comment, the truth is that the POCO C50 will not be too new either in any of its sections, because they tell us from Asia that this device will be something like a rebranded version of the Redmi A1+ and slightly modified for the Indian market.

The main modifications would be according to the leakers in The photographic camera which is precisely where more costs accumulate and where more money could be saved Xiaomi in this case to keep the final price at very attractive values. In terms of components and possibilities, Kacper Skrzypek has commented that this POCO C50 should be powered by the Helio A22 chipset from the most basic range of MediaTek arriving in various memory configurations starting from the 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.

Your screen should be 6.5-inch LCD with HD+ 720p resolution adding full connectivity up to LTE and a battery that would reach, at least 5,000 mAh of capacity. POCO CEO has confirmed in fact its existence on Twitter, and it has even transpired that its development codename is “ICE”curiously (or not) the same as the Redmi A1+, with the model code “220733SPI” in case you want to search the benchmarking databases as well.

The CEO of POCO confirming on Twitter that they work on a POCO C50 for its presentation, it will surely take place in the coming weeks to arrive on time for the important discount campaigns that are just around the corner, as well as for the Christmas period where a large part of the annual sales of this type of affordable smartphones are concentrated. What is the expected price? Well should be around 100 euros according to reports.

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