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You can now play Borderlands in Fortnite

Epic Games heard you like games, so it’s putting a blockbuster game inside its very own blockbuster game. An extraordinary title, however: Gearbox’s Borderlands. Believe it or not, as a major aspect of its most recent “Rift Zone” change, Epic has carried a little cut of Pandora to Fortnite, its well-known fight royale shooter.

The crossover comes as a feature of the v10.20 update, adjusting the gas station area in Fortnite’s desert biome into a town acknowledged with Borderlands’ particular workmanship style, brimming with brilliant hues and thick, comic book-enlivened diagrams. Oh, and Psycho and Claptrap are playable characters as well – in case you’re willing to pay, obviously.

Epic says that in the event that you don’t take any harm inside four seconds while in the Pandora zone, you’ll produce a shield, expanding your chances of survival. There are likewise some “different surprises,” including one of a kind gun wraps and Borderlands sprays.

Luckily, they aren’t the main new things coming to Fortnite as a feature of the current week’s content update. There’s likewise another Shield Bubble, which seems, by all accounts, to be an immediate reaction to the B.R.U.T.E mechs. Whenever sent, players will be shielded from shots and explosives for 30 seconds or until its 400 health is exhausted. Players will almost certainly go through it and deal harm to foes inside, yet it will likewise obstruct similar weapons from harming players outwardly.

Following the prior B.R.U.T.E nerf, Epic has additionally wanted to demonstrate the area of all mechs on the island, paying little mind to whether there are players in them or not.  “This is to increase awareness of a B.R.U.T.E.’s presence and location to all players in the match,” the company says.

The Borderlands event will keep running from today until September tenth, giving you sufficient opportunity to work out whether the third portion of the establishment merits getting three days after the fact.

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