You might now access Instagram’s Threads through a web browser

With millions of users switching from X (previously Twitter) to the new network, Instagram debuted Threads with a boom. That quickly changed, though, and as a result of Threads’ limited feature set, a sizable portion of its monthly active users were gone. Thankfully, the web version of Threads, one of the most requested features, could finally go live this week.

As per the report by The Wall Street Journal, Mark Zuckerberg states that a web version and improved search functions will soon arrive on Threads. Currently, users can only utilize searches related to usernames on the platform. Besides this, the WSJ report indicates that nothing has been finalized yet. Some factors might postpone the release of the web version of Threads.

According to Instagram head Adam Mosseri, an initial web version of Threads was under testing for a week or two. However, it requires some maintenance and work before public release. Well, this is quite essential for Threads to regain the lost users. The company has launched specific repost-related capabilities that make it simple for users to look for reposted material.

Soon after the release of Threads, 100 million followers were recruited in just a week, although the number drastically reduced afterward. Notably, the site experienced a decline in daily active users of 70% after two weeks of launch and then 80% by the middle of August. It was due to a lack of certain features on Threads. But slowly and gradually, the platform received features that could help it regain its users.

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