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YouTube Go: Watch Videos without Internet Connection

YouTube Go app is launched by Google for Android users. Now in 130 countries around the globe, users can download videos and watch it without any internet connection. YouTube has made it easier for users to enjoy videos by watching them offline.

A year ago the app was first launched in India. It had the feature that allowed users to download videos to watch later and to share them with other devices without requiring any data connection. It is a great feature for those who have a discontinuous access to the internet while driving, at railway stations or in offices.

In last year Google introduced this app to 14 nations and now finally the app is available in 130 countries. The app is updated as well with the feature to stream videos in HD quality. Also, some personalized recommendations are added as the user pulls down on its home display.


YouTube Go Home screen feature: This feature will display the important and popular videos trending in your area. So the users can watch videos that they and people around them find interesting and worth watching. So those videos that you can relate to and are in your language will be recommended to you.

Provides trailer for the movie: YouTube Go offers users a preview of the video when they click on the thumbnail. The users can then decide whether they want to watch the video or not. Also, they can download the video and watch it later.

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YouTube Go is the perfect app, specifically designed for phones that have less memory & storage ability. The app joins the bandwagon of apps like Maps Go, Files Go etc.

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Benefits of YouTube Go App

  • Video Recommendations & User Interface make the app fun to use
  • It will work in areas with no or low connectivity
  • Cost-Effective
  • Transparency
  • User can control data usage
  • Sharing video becomes easier
  • A complete social interaction journey

Now all users, wishing to download YouTube Go can download it from Google Play. If the app is yet unavailable in the country, download the app from APKMirror.

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