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YouTube introduces Creator Music as a marketplace for content creators

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YouTube has introduced a new feature for content creators. The new feature gives consumers access to a variety of songs available via Creator Music. Creator Music is a part of the YouTube Partner Program. It is introduced to enable users to choose and purchase song licenses. In this way, users will be able to use the songs on their videos without the trouble of copyright violations.

Commercial music has always been presented with licensing and copyright problems for content creators. Since the creators have to share their ad revenue with the song license holders. The company wishes to resolve this issue by providing the creators with direct access to purchase song rights and preventing the troubles and difficulties associated with copyrights.

The feature has been presented to the platform since September 2022. Besides this, Content creators rely heavily on third-party marketplaces to buy songs and music. On the other hand, Creator Music is presented with an in-house marketplace. It is accompanied by a revenue-sharing option. Using this option, both creators and right holders can gain benefits.

Users who are currently enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program can search for available music content. They can search for their preferred genre, mood, and collections in addition to this, they can also search for songs based on their right prices.

For paying, the platform is currently offering two different options. One is the conventional method. It is presented with a checkout option followed by downloading the music content. The second method is based on a revenue-sharing option. It indicates that the creator will divide the ad revenue with the song holder. It might be that the revenue-sharing option is not presented for every song in the collection.

Moreover, the platform has a huge collection of Audio libraries of free tracks. The best part about Creator Music is that it is not going to substitute the Audio Library. In order to gain access to free tracks, set the price filter at $0. Such a strategy would help the company to compete better with rivals like TikTok. Since it will help the artists to gain due recognition for their work.