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YouTube Music introduced latest updates to its album/playlist UI


YouTube Music’s user interface has been updated over time, and it now has a new look. The company has released yet another update, which is currently being rolled out to the general public. As per information from 9to5Google, YouTube Music is rolling out its latest user interface feature for its albums and playlists.

This update appeared to have been in testing for some time. We were able to test it on our Pixel 6 devices for a few weeks. You need to get an update to experience these features on your devices.

Search for the application on the Google Play Store, and you can see the update in the information section. If it’s not there, you might need to wait a bit for it.

YouTube Music brings in a new UI for its albums and playlists

This updated UI gives the UI a fresh new design and increases functionality. The Play and Shuffle buttons used to be located above the tracks. The Add to playlist, Download, and three-dot menu buttons are located above them.

After the update, a sizable circular “Play” button will be visible in the middle. Four other buttons surround that one. On the left side, you’ll find the download button and the Add to Playlist (or Edit Playlist if you’re in a Playlist) button. The share button and the three-dot menu are located on the right.

The standard album and playlist selections are available when you access the three-dot menu. The addition of the Shuffle button at the top marks the primary difference. Therefore, this new update streamlines the interface and arranges all of the main choices in a single row. As opposed to being at the top of the UI, it is now simpler to access the Share button.

The only drawback is that you must first access the three-dot menu if you usually want to put your playlists on shuffle. It’s only one extra tap, so it’s not a big problem.

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