YouTube is all set to be your next gaming platform

You can see gaming tutorials on YouTube, but the platform itself is planning to let you play games on the platform other than just seeing other people doing so. As per reports via the Wall Street Journal (via Engadget), YouTube is all set to be your next gaming platform. Playable games are being tested by the platform that will let you play games on YouTube.

A streaming platform offering a gaming platform It doesn’t sound strange anymore, as Netflix is also a streaming platform offering a gaming platform. Having an active account on the platform will let you access the exclusive games on the platform. Both Android and iOS devices will support this feature.

YouTube will let you play games on the platform with playable

There is no way of knowing if this will ever be released because it is currently in the early testing stages. The article claims that YouTube is testing this capability in its early stages. By early testing, we mean that the product was only shown to staff.

In essence, Playable will let you use the YouTube platform to play some games. You will still have access to these games whether you use the internet or the mobile app, according to an internal email obtained by the Wall Street Journal.

We still don’t know what kinds of games YouTube will add to Playable at this moment. Stack Bounce is the only game we are aware of. You’ve probably seen the advertisements for this game and others like it. On top of a structure made of layers of circular blocks, a ball is bouncing. As many levels as you can break.

This is as basic as games get; therefore, we can wager that the Playable platform will have a tonne of other similarly basic mobile games. However, as this is only early testing, we cannot yet predict what subsequent games will be like.

You may anticipate a large selection of mobile games if this service is anything like Netflix Gaming. Even though it’s testing a well-known game, we can’t completely exclude exclusive titles for the system. Only time will tell if the business intends to market this item.

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