You need to check your order as Google Store has canceled Pixel Fold preorders of some customers

More than 1.5 months after preorders began after the foldables introduction at I/O 2023 on May 10th, the Google Pixel Fold will go on sale on June 27th. Now, if you preordered the Pixel Fold in the hopes of receiving it first, Google may have a nasty surprise in store for you. Many Pixel Fold users claim that when they checked the status of their order, they were notified that the preorder had been cancelled rather than that their product had shipped.

Customers who ordered the Pixel Fold from the Google Store claim that their preorders were cancelled or put on hold because “it doesn’t align with our sales term” or the payment details could not be validated (via Reddit). According to reports, Google’s support has recognized that the problem is the result of a bug on their end and that a fix should be available in 48 hours.

Many customers whose orders were apparently cancelled did not get emails from the Google Store informing them of this. They didn’t learn about the cancellation until they checked the order status. Customers whose orders were delayed fare a little better. Google is sending them an email with information on how to adjust their payment method to let them know about the problem.

However, you’ll need to buy the Fold again if your preorder is cancelled. Your current preorder will reportedly not be honored by Google. The Pixel Fold is scheduled to arrive in late August, according to the company’s online store. As a result, you will now have to wait an additional two months to get Google’s first foldable.

You should have no problems receiving the Pixel Fold on launch day if you were wise enough to get it via AT&T for half the price. There have only been reports of the preorder issue on Google’s website.

You would have anticipated a better purchasing experience from the Google Store for a product that costs $1,800. What’s worse is that orders for a new device haven’t always gone smoothly through Google’s online shop. When preorders for the Pixel 6 first opened in 2021, the store was unable to handle the demand and fell offline for several hours.

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