YouTube TV to expand multi-view beyond sports

Whether it’s about work or watching a movie, staring at multiple screens has become a part of our habits. Earlier this year, YouTube launched the latest feature that allowed its sports fans to enjoy streaming four channels simultaneously with all the processing being done over YouTube TV end. Considering this feature as a foundation, YouTube TV is all set to offer five latest Multiview streams that will be having categories other than just sports.

YouTube TV is once again evolving after the launch of Multiview in March. The service has started to offer new split-screen material, including both the addition of completely non-sports programming and additional sports beyond basketball. This advancement represents a considerable expansion of the Multiview feature’s original scope, which it launched in time for March Madness.

In contrast to the previous event-based scheduled approach, the additional streams, covering news, sports, business news, weather, and Deports (sports in Spanish) will be available to participants in this test’s viewers around-the-clock. Notably, the weather stream mostly functions as a background element while the news and weather streams provide constant information flow.

Two streams can be viewed side by side, three streams can be arranged two above and one below, or four streams can be arranged in a 2×2 grid. These and more viewing configurations are all possible in the Multiview mode. Users have the option to fast switch between the audio and caption streams and to always be in full screen mode.

Over the summer, YouTube TV will gradually roll out this enlarged offering to a select group of its users, so not every subscriber will immediately be able to access all the broadcasts.

With the NFL season quickly approaching, the ability to “customize your own Multiview streams” was already mentioned by YouTube TV as a future feature. Additionally, initiatives are being made to extend this improved customizability to the default YouTube app on TVs. According to the service, it will notify customers when and if additional streams are made available for Multiview.

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