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YouTube is experimenting with a new feature for feeds

According to some recent pieces of information, YouTube is conducting a new experiment for the platform. Reportedly, the company is testing color-coded video feeds. Imagine being greeted by streams of content selected by color when you open the YouTube app, rather than just the standard selection of videos. YouTube is presently testing a feature that divides videos into red, blue, and green streams in an effort to provide users with a distinctive and eye-catching browsing experience.

According to the information shared by 9to5Google, users could choose a color theme for the video feed on the platform. Currently, the new feature is in the experimental phase. It is only accessible to a few Android and iOS users. Currently, there are no details about the public release or the logic behind this feature. However, Allison Toh confirmed the new experiment.

Well, this is quite interesting. A new feed shows up as soon as the user selects a color. The selected color will also appear on the homepage without impacting the existing feed. The exact process by which video clips are selected for each color filter is a bit of a mystery; it appears to be determined by the colors that predominate in the thumbnails of the videos or perhaps even by the content of the videos.

This experiment goes beyond being a quirky feature because it uses color harmony, a marketing strategy that is more widely used in the fashion and cosmetics industries, to produce visually appealing content sequences. YouTube’s color feeds may also be used as a means of gaining insight into color preferences among users, providing information beyond only video selection. It will be interesting to observe how color affects our consumption of content as this trial develops and whether YouTube decides to make this feature available to all users in the future.

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