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YouTube Music and Premium Reach 100 Million Subscribers

The most popular video platform worldwide is YouTube. It has billions of users every day. In addition to the free version of the video streaming platform, there are paid versions of YouTube Premium and YouTube Music as well. With time, paid services are witnessing growth. According to some recent pieces of information, YouTube Music and Premium have reached 100 million subscribers. Notably, the number also includes trial users.

YouTube Premium was released in 2015 alongside YouTube Music. The great success of the paid versions can be attributed to the huge music library and ad-free content of the respective services. Besides these features, there are several other benefits, including background play, downloads, an uninterrupted experience, and an extensive music catalog. Recently, tech giant Google refurbished the app experience. Moreover, the app was introduced in over 100 countries.

Furthermore, YouTube has received several new AI-based features. The platform now offers improved bitrate 1080P HD quality videos, seamless cross-device viewing, and others. The Samples tab, designed for fresh music discovery in reel format, was just added to YouTube Music. Podcasts are also integrated with YouTube Music, along with a personalized radio-building experience. Recently, the app received a feature that helps users find music by singing it.

Beyond the viewpoint of the user, the YouTube Premium subscription helps the creator and artist communities thrive by giving them another way to make money. YouTube is still dedicated to providing the best experience possible, with a focus on ongoing support for the vibrant creator and artist community. We hope YouTube adds some more helpful features that will help both the creator community and its users.