YouTube is experimenting with new AI-generated video summaries

Generative AI is widely adopted across various sectors of the tech industry. Over the course of the previous few months, we have seen a lot of companies integrating generative AI features into their services and products. As per some recent reports, the video streaming platform YouTube is now experimenting with a new AI-generated feature. Reportedly, the company is testing a new AI-generated video summaries feature.

The name itself is the depiction of the functionality of the feature. It won’t take the place of the current human-written descriptions of a video’s contents; rather, it will offer a concise summary. Currently, the feature is only available for some English-language videos. In general, the feature will help users identify their interest in a particular video thus saving a user’s time. One thing to notice here is that the feature is just available to YouTube Premium members.

We are experimenting with a new tool for users that summarizes YouTube videos using generative AI. A Google spokesman, in a statement to TheVerge, said that in order to create and improve the greatest experience for our viewers and artists, we frequently test new features before they are formally introduced.

Broader AI integration strategies

According to the tech giant Google, the feature was necessary given the immense content uploaded on the platform that makes it impossible for manpower to summarize each video. During the testing phase, the company will gather user insights and feedback that will help to improve the recommendation algorithm.

Besides this, the company is also considering using this feature for summarizing user reviews for apps on Play Store. YouTube consumers may benefit from this advancement in AI-generated video summaries, but these systems still have reliability problems and are prone to producing inaccurate data. Google will therefore need to address these issues and make sure that false information does not have an impact on a video’s performance in order for this new feature to be successful.

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