Google increases the cost of YouTube Premium

According to some recent pieces of information, the prices for YouTube Premium including YouTube Music are going to increase.  In the US, the new prices set the monthly subscription at about $13.99 per month and yearly subscriptions at $139.99. Well, it is an increment of $2 per month or in other words an increase of $20 per year.

Besides this, the prices for YouTube Music are also increasing. The prices will go up from $9.99 to $10.99 per month. Do note that this price increase is applicable to those users who only have a subscription to YouTube Music. After the family plan received a fairly significant raise, it was just a matter of time until the price of the individual YouTube Premium plan increased as well.

As of now, the tech giant Google has not detailed when the price increase will be implemented. However, the new prices are presented to new subscribers. It appears that the price increase will be observed with the next billing cycle. In case, a user has a Google Fi subscription with YouTube Premium then it will remain unaffected. One thing to mention here is that this particular condition was offered only for a year and it is ending in November this year.

If you ever wondered why Google offers a one-month free trial to new users, it is because the users are not presented with ads during the trial phase and afterwards they opt to pay in order to avoid the ads. Furthermore, some other Android OEMs offer three-month or six-month free trials with purchase.

Given the current price increase, a $14 per month is not that bad instead it is a good deal since a user gets access to ad-free YouTube, downloads, background playback, and several other features. do remember that YouTube Music subscription alone costs users $10 per month. For this reason, it is way much better than the offerings of Amazon, Apple Music, and Spotify. So, there are a few chances that Google will lose any subscribers to YouTube Premium.