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WhatsApp to introduce message editing in beta


Even though WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform, Telegram is always a step ahead of WhatsApp. Telegram introduced the feature of editing a recently sent message back in 29016. WhatsApp is all set to launch this feature today. WhatsApp is introducing this feature in its beta app for now, but of course there are some limitations to it.

As per information via WABetaInfo, an edit button was rolled out on WhatsApp beta in the latest release, and it might soon enough be introduced to the Android app. With this latest feature, you can re-edit the content or correct typographical errors in sent messages. For editing your messages, you can press on it long enough for a tab to appear; choose vertical ellipses from the tab. The option to edit will appear in the menu. The message will be badged as edited and can be seen by other participants in the chat.

However, there’s only a 15-minute duration within which you can edit your message. You can keep editing your message again and again within the provided period. Although you will be unable to use this feature if you are using your account from any other device or if you are using companion mode of the app,

As this feature is new to the platform, this time duration is okay, but it surely needs to be enhanced for a day or two, as offered by Telegram. Also, when the deleting a message feature was first introduced, it had the same duration, but with time, it’s been increased to 2 days. We can hope for the platform to be doing the same development for this feature as well.

This feature is available in WhatsApp beta v2.23.10.13 for Android. If you are an official subscriber to the WhatsApp beta program, you can download the latest version via the Play Store. If you want to continue with the version you are using now, you must probably wait a week to get this feature on your app.

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