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YouTube is testing miniature games on platform

YouTube was working on a gaming platform called Playables, which were miniature games that users would be able to play on site. As per information via Engadget, YouTube is testing playables with some users. People mostly watch videos on YouTube. When users are tired of scrolling, they move to other apps for other activities. With Playables, YouTube is aiming to alter that. This is almost similar to what Netflix is planning to do, but it might not be that robust.

YouTube is testing Playables among users

Some lucky users will be able to test this out, but as of right now, we don’t know when YouTube will push this to the whole public. Currently, Playables are being tested by YouTube on a small group of users. You probably won’t be able to see them because the test isn’t exactly widely used.

Visit the YouTube website or mobile app to see if you’re taking the test. Search for the “Playables” tab when you arrive. You are a participant in the test if you can see the tab.

There won’t be many playable games because this is only a small test. Stack Bounce appears to be the only game accessible now. Although you probably won’t recognize the game by name, you have surely seen gameplay from this app or its clones in several advertisements. Just have a look at the action.

The rest of us won’t know what games are planned for Playables because they are being kept a secret. First, we can anticipate a plethora of straightforward mobile games like Stack Bounce and others. If the company later decides to start providing more ambitious games on the platform, that is unknown.

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