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YouTube now shows the best moments of a video for the most impatient


After several months of testing, YouTube has just rolled out the feature that provides quick access to the best of the video. This takes the form of a graph below the player that measures which areas users have returned to the most. The streaming platform is also planning other new features for Premium offer subscribers.

It is not uncommon for users to watch the same video multiple times on YouTube. In recent years, however, the platform has focused on longer content. Also, those who used to fully rate a video now prefer to focus on specific parts. It is therefore relatively easy for the streaming service to determine from this data which sequences of a video are preferred by users. Also last October, YouTube announced that it would soon be possible to instantly access the best parts of a video, using a chart that calculates the series most viewed by viewers. It ended up taking several months for the feature to appear in the final version, but now it’s done. In a blog post, Google presents a new update that adds some new features.

With YouTube, you jump directly to the best moments of a video

So the chart is placed next to the playback bar. The higher the data, the more that series has been viewed by users. This way it’s easy to pass without waiting for these parts, without worrying about the rest if you don’t have enough time. This feature is available today in the web and mobile versions of the application.

Google also has other novelties in its pocket. The company Mountain View, for example, has unveiled a new, more visual player, which takes over what is currently being done with the associated image that appears where you place the cursor, but this time over the entire video. The latter is only available to YouTube Premium subscribers. Finally, the chapters will be available soon on smart TVs and home consoles, while an infinite replay feature is also in the cards.

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